[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dr. Janko Fila was born in Zagreb where he graduated from the School of Medicine. At the University Hospital Centre Zagreb he specialized in surgery and earned a degree in 1983. He worked in his father’s private practice till 1989 when he took it over and continued to run it till the present day. The private practice established in 1974 treats diseases of the rectum. The most common of diseases treated in the private practice are haemorrhoids.

There are different types of treatments available. Conservative therapy consists of cream treatment, injection sclerotherapy (injections with sclerosing ingredients) and infrared photocoagulation. These treatments are applied in inception phase and smaller haemorrhoids, the treatments are almost painless and do not require sick leave. In larger haemorrhoids combined with polyps or fissures surgery is required. It consists of haemorrhoid ligation and removal with radiofrequency device. Surgeries require local anaesthesia, the patient spends around an hour after the surgery in the practice and is than discharged.

Before every surgery rectoscopy is obligatory and colonoscopy is conducted if necessary. Apart from hemorrhoids fistulas, abscesses, condyloma, fissures and pilonidal sinuses are also treated. Fistulas are pus channels that form most frequently as a consequence of a prior abscess or infection resulting in pus in the perinal area. In more complicated cases when fistula passes through the sphincter elastic cord drainage is conducted.

Incontinence which can be a consequence of a classical surgery is thereby prevented. Fissures are very painful wounds in the area of anal opening and if chronic, which means that they have already formed fibrose rims and can not be treated with conservative therapy, surgery is required. Dilatation and RF cauterization of the fissure is conducted.

The practice also treats pilonidal sinuses and condyloma with RF device. All surgical interventions are performed under local anaesthesia.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]